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Reiki, Wicca, Animal and Spirit Communication

pentacleIf you are looking for a person who can converse with your dead lover/wife/husband/mother/etc. you have, in fact, found me. I also converse with animals, both live and deceased, and work out problems with resident ghosts. Some people would call me a psychic, but I prefer the phrase 'speaker for the dead', since they are my real clients. For information on my business policies and rates click here.

But first read this disclaimer:

I have not come to this occupation by choice, but rather had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into believing that I should be doing this and moreover that I really could trust what I heard as accurate information. Through many years of trying to ignore my abilities while at the same time cultivating my inner awareness through meditation and ritual, I have finally found the inner strength to come out of the closet. Yes, I am a Witch. But if you ask any randomly selected 10 Witches to define what it means to be a Witch, I'll guarantee you at least 9 different answers, but 10 would not be unlikely.

For me, the life path of Witch means that I step in harmony with the Earth and her attendant Spirit Energies as much as possible. It means not only doing as little harm as possible, but striving to rectify harm where I can. It means practicing healing arts such as Reiki, massage, organic farming, and Spirit Communication. How, you may ask, does Spirit Communication fit with that? Simple - it's the spirits that asked me to do the job. If I deny them, I am not moving in harmony with the Great Spirit Energies that comprise life. In my opinion, it is this failing in the "modern" societies that has the planet so full of war, which is directly antithesis to having a healthy planet.

My first few conversations with spirits of deceased humans were not sought out by me, but thrust upon me by those spirits who recognized me as someone with sight and the fortitude to believe what I saw and act appropriately. Since those first experiences in my teens, I have spent much time studying meditation and learning about various forms of energy.

In 1993 I became a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition. During my Reiki training, I had a great sense not of learning, but of re-discovery. Here, in the great energy web of the universe, I found the answer to the questions that I hadn't known how to ask in my life up to that point.

Starting in the fall of 2000, I began taking classes to deepen my self-taught meditation and spiritual communication skills at the Misty Meadows Herbal Center and other locations (Resources: Christopher Penczak, Unicorn Books and Spiritual Resource Center). These classes in Witchcraft, Shamanism, Tarot, and Shamballa Reiki helped me to re-organize my psychic tool box and commit to fully exploring the applications of tools that were lurking in the depths of my closet.