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Most of my services can be rendered via email (preferred) or telephone. Animal Communication services usually only require one session - the client can email or phone me with questions and a description of the animal and I can email back the answers.

Spirit Communication with a deceased person is a bit more complicated and I like to do an exploratory session to contact the spirit before agreeing to relay questions and answers. I try very hard to act as a translator only between living and non-living, however there are situations where it becomes necessary to make commentary or guide the living to appropriate counseling services.

For the above services I work on a sliding scale basis which can include barter. I do not charge for the initial exploratory session, rates beyond that are $40 per hour of my time, and a sliding scale or barter plan can be worked out for those with special circumstances.In cases involving Ghosts where I have to visit the site, the site visit, which can take an hour or more, is $50, plus $10 for every ½ hour travel time beyond the first ½ hour from my house. Again, a sliding scale or barter arrangements can be made.

Shamanic Healing and Reiki treatments are available. For clients visiting my home office the rate is $40 per session. Travel to a clients home is billed at the site rate of $50, plus $10 for every ½ hour travel time beyond the first ½ hour from my house.

Reiki Training: I will teach and initiate selected students the Usui System of Energy Healing, commonly called Reiki. Rates will vary depending on the needs of the student.