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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


Troll. I am the Troll and I'll trick you if I can. I am of the earth and I deal in earth's illusions. Just like a game of poker, play your cards straight and choose wisely my friend. I could bury you in worldly debt in an instant if you don't watch out. Remember the meaning behind the material things. I'll put the things in your way, don't trip over them. Look behind and over the Things to pick out what they mean so you can proceed or you'll get caught in my trap. I'll mire you in muck and attach your ball and chain. If you heed my warning and understand me, you can use your wealth to advantage, if not, misery may befall you. But I am also a gambler and I can take your Things away. Be sure to label them and make them Your Things so that they stay with you and don't follow me. Pay attention to your Things, lest I make them a better offer.

Meet the Troll
Let the dice roll
Watch out for your stuff
Least you be mired in muck
If you see what they mean
I won't be so keen
To take it away
At the last light of day



Text and layout by Jocelyn VanBokkelen
Art by Liz Manicatide
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