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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


I am the Sphinx, the great riddle maker. What are you not understanding in your life right now? Is everything really hunky-dory? I think not. Take a deep look at your self. Use your knowledge. I am a creature of facts. Do not deny the things that are true. Emotions are true, physical things are true, but they can transform with the correct application of knowing. You do not have to like the truth, but you must accept it before you can transform it into something else. I can help you with the clues to the riddle of life, but only you can put the answer together, for each individual has their own answer. With knowing I can help you see your path on this world. The land of the dead had no mystery for me, for there all is revealed. Humans must keep their primary attention on the living of this world.

Note - isn't it kind of funny that the Sphinx is concerned only with the living? It does not concern itself with the beyond. The land of the dead has no mystery for the Sphinx - all is revealed there. But we of the living must keep our sights, at least most of them, on living. On the things that get us through today - our personal facts.

Quoting Greek Mythology - The Riddle of the Sphinx:
What walks on four legs in the morning, walks on two legs at noon time and three legs at dusk?

That is us, folks. And for that we must pay attention to the riddle and see things as they are. Know your self, and it will reward you.

Four legs when the sun does rise
Two I use at noon
But when the light is fading
It's three legs I am needing
If you can tell me who I am
In just one guess, I can
Grant you leave to walk upon
The hidden paths of Man.



Text and layout by Jocelyn VanBokkelen
Art by Liz Manicatide
Copyright ©2002 Jocelyn VanBokkelen