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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


I am the Phoenix. If you see me, you already know where to find your self. You know the seat of your soul. I am the eternal spark of creation. Look to the east and you will see me rise with the sun. To many, I am too bright to behold, but to you, who knows they self, you can know me. I carry you through the darkness of physical transformation. When I speak to you, I speak of all ages. I speak of Karma past, present and future. I can tell you not to be afraid of the dark, for I can carry the spark of your soul into new light. I am not gentle, do not expect me to hold you hand. But if you can see me, you do not need mothering, just hope that your transformation will bring you higher. I take the old and make it new. In your darkest hour, I am here for you.

The sacred spark I keep anew
To light the world each after
Darkness comes to all in time
But I the light renew
Leaping from the fire of death
Bringing quickening brightest breath



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