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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


Pegasus. You are elusive, Yes, I'm flighty, Knowledge IS. Be wary of FACTS. Each individual has it different. A rose to some is a symbol of love, but she is a thorny bramble to others. Don't expect others to believe you. I am the elusive fact. I'm not carved in stone. Look twice, I am often mistaken. Others are sometimes mistaken for me, and sometimes vice-versa. Look beyond what you think is real. There is no "universal truth". There is only what each individual perceives. There I have said my piece, now I go. Farewell and God Speed.

If you see the winged horse
For what I really am
And if you believe in me
And let other voices go
I'll let you climb upon my back
And soar into the sky
To show you all the paths ahead
But I will not tell you why
Interpretation's up to you
All I can do is see
What is or isn't maybe
Factual or real



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Art by Liz Manicatide
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