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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


Pan flows with musical emotion, dances to the joy in the world. Overflowing with happiness. Great depth of feeling. His message is to be open to the joy present in the world. Don't get stuck in the negativity. Hear, feel, sense the music and DANCE. Dance through life with gentleness and enthusiasm. Flow, like water, through the days with song and laughter. This is not the fool, though. Knowledge must be used to dance the right path. The horns show the connection with the upperworld, even though the hooves are rooted in the earth. This is the emotional pleasure of earthly things.

I am Pan,
the Goat-Man.
Dance to my flute
You'll holler an' hoot
Kick up your heels
Dance some cartwheels
With joy in your heart
Sing the great part
Flow though the days
All sun and no haze
dance, Dance, DANCE!
While you have the chance.



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