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Gnome. I am the Gnome, I am a former and a forger. I am grounded in the element of Earth, but the others are my friends. I am about manifestation in the physical plane. I am a maker of things and user of tools. I can teach you to use your gifts and apply the tools of creation. I am a creator of tools. If you have come to me, I can show you the way of the smith. I can show you how to take raw materials and turn them into tools to help yourself. I can not give you tools. The best tools are those you make yourself. These are the tools you will know and understand. Only when you Know your tools can you use them rightly. Remember that tools in their use bend and shape things, be cautious in their application least you over bend. It is just as easy to destroy a thing as it is to create it. Forging works of art takes time and patience. Do not rush your creations. With enough perseverance anything can be created. Keep in mind your intent and your vision, work diligently and you will be rewarded. Have hope.

Come make some tools!
I, the Gnome will
show you how
Patience, practice,
Steady now
Easy on and easy go
Tap it gently, see
Right there
To make, not break
With gentle care



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