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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


Fairy - Water, emotion run rampant. Great song and dance. Easy to get lost in the great joy, be careful of loosing sight of the other elements during the process. Insight into emotional circumstances. Here and Now. Living in the moment with joy.

Fairy can bring great joy, but it can also be a warning of loosing sight of reality. Be careful in dealing with Fairy that you don't get so caught up in the emotion that you make impaired judgments. Enjoy the moment, but think beyond it. To celebrate the Fairy in your life make an offering of water, on the ground or onto some rock. Water can carve deep caverns into the earth, do not underestimate the power of emotion. It can be of great service, but it can also dig us into a pit of despair. Be honest in your emotions and sing them out in song and dance to let them fly so that they do not cloud our other senses.

I am Fairy
I can ride a raindrop down from the sky
and dance on a bumblebee's wing.
I can carve great caverns into the earth
But can you sing your way out of them?
Live in the moment and sing to the joy
But following blindly will get you in deep
So unless you're a Fairy please think as you step
Keep your eyes open as you dance on ahead
To keep yourself upright and carefully tread
In this great dance of life as we sing out aloud
With joy in our hearts and our heads held up proud



Text and layout by Jocelyn VanBokkelen
Art by Liz Manicatide
Copyright ©2002 Jocelyn VanBokkelen