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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


Dragon. I am the Dragon. I am the fire that comes from within. I am passion. No water can quench me, no ice can freeze me. The wind only fans my flames larger. I take emotion and knowledge and from and transcend it. I am the great transformer. I can lift you out of the pits of despair. I am the manic. NOW! I say. But wait, be patient, I can not be quenched, but I can be tempered. Anchor my fire within your self to the knowledge, I need air to breathe so don't use it all up. I need water to drink so don't let it all go up in steam. Be tempered, but have spirit, have passion in your knowing. Be certain in what you do. Whatever it is, believe in it. Something is better than nothing. I can help you to know what is rightfully yours and tell the difference between yours and someone else's. I will help you protect your inner fire, no one can take that away from you. If your world is dark and you have lost your inner fire I can help bring back the spark. I can help you start the journey of finding all the pieces of your soul and weld them back together.

Dragon fire raise me up
From the pits of doom
Dragon light the way for me
To find my lost soul's threads



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