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Medicine of Mythical Creatures


I am Cerberus, the guardian of to underworld. My element is water. I guard your deepest emotional secrets. If you see me, you have a struggle in your emotional life. A decision looming on your path about which you have strong emotions in both directions. Be careful here at the waters edge and look carefully beneath the surface before you decide on your direction. If you don't think you can trust your emotion, seek knowledge, but do take into account your reflection, your intuition. Again, balance and temper your emotions so you can choose your path wisely. I am about wise use of emotion. To challenge me would be foolish, for you would surely have to shed your physical form to pass by me. So heed my advice, for it is the music made by a soul sure and happy in its direction which will lull me into slumber.

The gates to the underworld I guard
Your deepest secrets of emotion I see
The waters edge is a tricky place
Do you see your reflection truly
Or will you plunge ahead
Unthinking, blind
Feeling only, without thought
Tread your path with careful care
Sure of foot and happy heart
So I will sleep and you will pass



Text and layout by Jocelyn VanBokkelen
Art by Liz Manicatide
Copyright ©2002 Jocelyn VanBokkelen