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Wade, English merchant seaman
Walsh, Virginia
Ward, Virginia Carter
Warne, Mary
Warren, Jonas
Warren, Sarah Anne
Watkins, Sarah\Phoebe
Webster, Alice
Webster, Benjamin
Wells, Hilda Avard
Wells, Stanley
Wemp, Antje
Wemp, Barent
Wemp, Jan Barentse
Wemp, Johannes or Jan Barentse
Wemp, Maria
Wemp, Maria
Wemple, James
Wendel, Evert Janse
Wendel, Johannes
Wendel, Susanna
Westervelt, Johanna
Wetherbee, Arne
Wetherbee, Catherine
Wetherbee, Thomas
Wetmore, Theodore
Wheat, Eunice Wright
Wheeler, Amos
Wheeler, Edgar L.
Wheeler, Thomas
Whitcomb, Betty
Whitcomb, Jacob
Whitcomb, Joseph
Whitcomb, Lou
Whitcomb, Lucy
Whitcomb, Mary
Whitcomb, Timothy
Whitcomb, Zelotus
White, John
White, Sarah
Whiting, Samuel
Whitmarsh, Charles
Whitney, Betty
Whitney, Jacob
Whitney, Mary
Whittaker, Catherine
Wilder, Dolly Tucker
Wiley, Lucy A.
Willard, Able
Willard, Blanch
Willard, Caroline
Willard, Charlotte
Willard, Eleanor B.
Willard, Elenor Abiah
Willard, Elinor
Willard, Eliza
Willard, Fannie A.
Willard, Florence
Willard, Julia
Willard, Louisa
Willard, Luther
Willard, Mabel
Willard, Nancy
Willard, Robert
Willard, Robert Alfrid
Willard, Wendall B.
Willard, William B.
Willard, William Bowles
Wills, James
Wilson, Thomas J.
Wilson, William T.
Winchester, Abagail
Winchester, Benjamin
Winchester, Bertha
Winchester, Bridget
Winchester, Danforth
Winchester, Ebenezer
Winchester, Elizabeth
Winchester, Elizabeth
Winchester, Elizabeth
Winchester, Henry
Winchester, Issac
Winchester, Jacob Bancroft Parker Esq.
Winchester, Joanna
Winchester, Joanna
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, John
Winchester, Jonathan
Winchester, Jonathan
Winchester, Josiah
Winchester, Martha
Winchester, Mary
Winchester, Mary
Winchester, Mehitable
Winchester, Mehitable
Winchester, Nathan
Winchester, Samuel
Winchester, Sarah
Winchester, Stephen
Winchester, Submit
Winchester, William
Winchester, William
Winne, Adam
Winne, Anneken (Annatie)
Winne, Pieter
Winslow, Anna
Wojtaszek, Agnes
Wojtaszek, Althea
Wojtaszek, Anna
Wojtaszek, Antoinet (Nettie)
Wojtaszek, Barbara
Wojtaszek, Catherine
Wojtaszek, Daniel
Wojtaszek, Dolores
Wojtaszek, Frank
Wojtaszek, Hedwig
Wojtaszek, Jack
Wojtaszek, John
Wojtaszek, Joseph
Wojtaszek, Joseph
Wojtaszek, Joseph
Wojtaszek, Marie
Wojtaszek, Paul
Wojtaszek, Raymond
Wojtaszek, Robert
Wojtaszek, Robert
Wojtaszek, Sophia
Wojtaszek, Teckla (Sister Benjamin)
Wood, Mary
Woodbury, Charles
Woods, Christine
Woods, Donald
Woods, Issac
Woods, Lawrence III
Woods, Lawrence J.
Woods, Lawrence J.
Woods, Martha Louise
Woods, Mary
Woods, Philip M.
Woods, Phyllis Augusta
Woods, Sarah
Woods, Thomas Lee
Woods, Timothy James
Woodward, Richard
Woodward, Sarah
Wor, Adriaan Dirkse
Wor, Adriaen Adriaensz
Wor, Adriaen Johannesz.
Wor, Anna
Wor, Anna
Wor, Anneken Syb.
Wor, Cornelis
Wor, Cornelis
Wor, Cornelis Sybertsz
Wor, Cornelis Sybrechtsz
Wor, Dierick Sybertsz
Wor, Dirck Adriansze
Wor, Dominica
Wor, Huberta
Wor, Hubertus
Wor, Jan Jansz
Wor, Jan Sijbrechtsen
Wor, Jannicken
Wor, Johan Sybertsz
Wor, Johannes A.
Wor, Johannes Jansz
Wor, Johannes Johannesz
Wor, Maria Johansdr
Wor, Marij
Wor, Mariken
Wor, Mariken
Wor, Neeltgen
Wor, Petronella
Wor, Sara
Wor, Sibert
Wor, Sibert
Wor, Sibert Sibertsz
Wor, Sybert Cornelisz
Wor, Sybert Sybertsz
Wor, Trijntje
Wright, Caroline
Wright, Harry
Wright, Isach
Wright, Margaret
Wright, Nancy
Wyman, Sybel

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