Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with D

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D'Arcy, Amelia Rebecca
D'Arcy, Ellen
D'Arcy, Henrietta Eliza
D'Arcy, John Netterville
D'Arcy, Margaret
D'Arcy, Maria Bosley
D'Arcy, Virginia
Daby, John
Daby, Mary
Danforth, Mary
Darling, Amos
Davenport, Elizabeth
Davenport, Humphrey
Davenport, unknown
Davis, Ellen
Davis, Hattie Louise
Davis, Orrin?
de Heij, Abraham Carelse
de Hey, Annichje Abrahams
de Scheene, Susanna
de Verger, Cornelia
de Vos, Andries
de Vos, Catalyntje
Dean, Henry
DeGraaf, Abram A.
DeGraff, Abram
DeGraff, Arnout (Arnold)
DeGraff, Claas (Nicholas)
DeGraff, Claes Andriese
DeGraff, Emanuel
DeGraff, Emanuel
DeGraff, Hester
DeGraff, Maria
DeGraff, Nancy
Delamont, Jacob
Delamont, Jan or Johannes
Delamont, Jane
Delapt, Richard
Despeau, Albert
Despeau, Annie Belle
Despeau, Nellie Addie
DeVelbis, Charles Dudley
DeVelbis, Roberta Louisa
Dexter, John
Didier, Amelia Margaret
Didier, Edmund
Didier, Henry Jr.
Didier, Henry
Doherty, Annie
Doncheson or Dongan, Margaret
Drinckvelt, Elisabeth
du Trieux, Philip
du Trieux, Rebecca
du Trieux, Susanna
Dudley, Ellen
Dulaney, Mary Sue
Dunlop, Fanny Elizabeth
Dutcher, David
Dutcher, Margaret

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