Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with C

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Campbell, Edward
Campbell, Margaret Elizabeth
Campbell, Sarah
Carnets, Francijntje
Carouth, Jane Kendall
Carter, Lillian Grace
Cashin, Flora
Cashin, Jack
Cashin, Jess
Cate, Isabel
Chamberlain, Lucretia
Chase, Edward
Chase, Ithamar
Chase, Salmon Portland
Cheney, Mary
Child, Jonas
Claes, Jannetje
Clark, Edith Alice
Clark, Emma Gertrude
Clark, Lucy Ellen
Clark, Marion Louise
Clark, Robert Francis
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Thomas
Cobb, Abagail C.
Coburn, Martha
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Polly
Colloton, Lester
Colloton, Nancy
Comey, Willard Howland
Conant, Sally (Sarah)
Conkey, Clara
Conyn, Jannetje
Conyn, Philip
Coolidge, Silas
Cooper, C. Roberts
Cooper, Cecil M.
Cooper, Edward
Cooper, Edward M.A.
Cooper, Frank
Cooper, Gladyn
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, Stella
Corbett, Sarah
Corbett, William
Couch, Ethel
Couch, unknown
Craft, Alice
Crosby, Ethel
Crosby, Harry
Crouch, Mary E.
Cushman, Ephraim Holbrook
Cushman, Helen M.
Cutting, Charlotte

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