Maine Central Railroad History and Modeling Page

The B&M and the Maine Central had common management until 1952, and shared equipment and locomotives across several of their interchange points. I'm not trying for complete coverage here, but as I encounter useful material, I will put it on line.

Other Maine Central resources:

  • The 470 Club is named after the MEC 4-6-2 preserved for many years in Waterville. They cover all Maine railroading, but they are the closest thing to an MEC Historical Society at this time.
  • Wikipedia's Maine Central Railroad Co. page.

    Maine Central Passenger Train Makeup 21-Jun-58

    Image scanned by George Ford and displayed here with his permission.

    Maine Central Freight Train Symbols 15-Apr-58

    Page 1.

    Page 2.
    James B. VanBokkelen ( .