14. Charles Idoff Brink was born on 6 Nov 1867 in Engelholm, Sweden. He emigrated on 22 Mar 1892 from Boston, MA, USA. Aboard the steamship Catalonia from Liverpool and Queenstown He resided 84 Roseclair St. in 1900 in Dorchester, MA, USA. He was naturalized on 7 Jun 1923 in Boston, MA, USA. He died on 17 Jul 1936 in Cambridge, MA, USA. He was a C. I. Brink Co. founder/owner (outdoor advertising firm, early neon sign licensee) WWI till after WWII in metropolitan Boston, MA, USA. He was also known as Charles Irving Brink. Name change reflected in naturalization records. He was married to Augusta Lundquist approx 1887 in Goteborg, Sweden.

15. Augusta Lundquist was born on 25 Aug 1871 in Halsingborg, Sweden. She emigrated on 22 Mar 1892 from Boston via Liverpool or Queenstown. She was naturalized on 26 May 1924 in Boston, MA, USA. She died on 8 Jul 1961 in Newburyport, MA, USA. She was also known as Gusty. Children were:

child i. John Charles August Brink was born on 18 Sep 1889 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was naturalized on 12 Apr 1915 in Boston, MA, USA.
child7 ii. Svea Therese Brink.
child iii. Bessie Brink was born in 1897 in Dorchester, MA, USA.
child iv. Pearl Brink was born on 3 Mar 1900 in Dorchester, MA, USA. She died in Jan 1994 in North Brookfield, MA, USA. no issue