1544. Thomas Jewell was born about 1608 in UK. He immigrated in 1635 to Boston area. Came on ship "Planter" He resided in 1639 in Braintree, MA, USA. He died before 21 Jul 1654 in MA, USA. He was married to Grizzel (Griselda?) before 1635 in UK.

1545. Grizzel (Griselda?) was born about 1615 in UK. She died on 9 Jul 1669 in Chelmsford, MA, USA. She resided 1664 to 1666 in Mendon, MA, USA. Children were:

child i. Thomas Jewell was born on 26 Dec 1643 in Hingham, MA, USA. He resided after 1687 in Amesbury, MA, USA. The line of Thomas is extensively documented, in the Jewell Register and material at the South Hampton, NH Library, among other compilations. Maybe someday I'll get around to entering it all, but as cousins go, they're pretty distant...

child772 ii. Joseph Jewell.
child iii. Hannah Jewell was born on 27 Dec 1643 in Hingham, MA, USA. She died before 1685.
child iv. Nathaniel Jewell was born on 15 Apr 1648 in Hingham, MA, USA. He died in Mar 1712 in Plainfield, CT, USA.
child v. Grizzel Jewell was born on 19 Mar 1651 in Hingham, MA, USA. She died on 17 Jan 1682 in Chelmsford, MA, USA.
child vi. Mercy (Marcy or Mary) Jewell was born on 14 Apr 1653. She died on 17 Aug 1728 in Chelmsford, MA, USA. Check this - married at 17, but last child born at 57? I wonder if the children
listed after 1700 or so actually belong to the first son, Joseph Spalding?