336. Hugh Maxwell was born in 1699 in Belfast, Ireland. Janet B. Glen's notebook gives his birth as April 8, 1700 He emigrated in Jun 1733 from Ireland to Bedford, MA, USA. He was buried in 1759 in Bedford, MA, USA. Epitaph:

Hugh Maxwell March 19 1759
Aged 59 Years
My body turned into dust
My dust it shall arise
In resurrection of the just
To sound Jehovah's praise
He died on 19 Mar 1759 in in or near Bedford, MA, USA. (34) "by a fall from a horse" IGI lists him as being born in Minterburn, County Tyrone instead of Belfast He was married to Sarah Corbett on 3 Jun 1728 in Minterburn, County Tyrone, Ireland.

337. Sarah Corbett was born in 1693 in Ireland ?. She died in 1769 in MA, USA. According to Janet B. Glen's notebook, possibly gleaned from "Bedford Old Families"
by A. K. Brown, 1892 Per Heath Deaths, d 1772, aged 81 Children were:

child i. William Maxwell was born in 1729 in Minterburn, County Tyrone, Ireland. He died about 1824.
child ii. Margaret Maxwell was born in 1731 in Minterburn, County Tyrone, Ireland. She died about 1830.
child168 iii. Colonel Hugh Maxwell.
child iv. James Maxwell was born in 1735 in Mystic, MA, USA. He died about 1818.
child v. Lieutenant Benjamin Maxwell was born in 1737 in Woburn, MA, USA. (35) D. B. Glen says in Bedford, Janet B. Glen says in Woburn
He was elected as Selectman in 1778 in Charlemont, MA, USA. He died on 2 Feb 1829 in Heath, MA, USA.
child vi. Sarah Maxwell was born in 1739 in Bedford, MA, USA. She died in 1829.
child vii. Major Thompson Maxwell was born on 11 Sep 1742 in Bedford, MA, USA. Text: "Born: September 11th O. S. or 22 N.S.W. 1742" He resided Buckland between 1779 and 1800 in Buckland, MA, USA.(36) He was Massachusetts Constitutional Convention in 1780. He died in 1835 in near Detroit, MI, USA. He resided Monson, later Amherst NH 1764 to 1775 in Amherst, NH, USA.(36) Per NH State Historical Marker in Milford, NH He resided Brush Estate 1800 to abt 1813 in Madison, Butler County, OH, USA.(37) Served with Rogers' Rangers at St. Francis and all through the French and Indian wars
and participated in the Boston Tea Party, according to A.E. Brown's History of the
Town of Bedford, published in 1891.
Per NH historical marker, fought at Bunker Hill, and was a Lieutenant by the end of the
Revolutionary War.
Per J.B. Glen, served in the War of 1812, was deputy barracks master in Missouri in 1814, later captured by the British. Pensioned at the rank of Major.
Per NEHGR Vol. 45, "In 1807 married the widow of Capt. Little of New Jersey, and
she died in 1813, leaving one son in Ohio".... "These notes were taken 12 years since
and Major M. has since married again, to a widow of Michigan Territory and has been
occupied in farming, etc., at his present home somewhere in the neighborhood of