New England Highest 100 Progress

I began climbing the Highest 100 using the list in the AMC White Mountains Guide 22nd Edition but with Bondcliff (4000 footer) replacing West Tecumseh (highest 100). Since then, mountains have come and gone as the USGS issued new quadrangles:

Changes through April 2006:
 The Bulge (Kilkenny Ridge in NH) replaced Middle Abraham in Maine.
 Wildcat peak D replaced Wildcat peak E in New Hampshire.



Jay Peak10/1/1993jocvia Long Trail from south
 7/6/1985jjc,lwavia Long Trail, ridge to Big Jay too brushy
Big Jay10/1/1993soloOn this visit, found a distinct herd path from Jay
Mansfield8/10/1984jjc,dabLong Trail from north
Camel's Hump8/1/1992soloForestry, Alpine, Long Trail
Abraham5/27/2006joc,atvbLong Trail from Lincoln Gap
Ellen5/28/2006soloUp Jerusalem Trail, Long Trail, down ski trails.
Bread Loaf8/15/1996soloClark Brook, Long Trail
Wilson8/15/1996soloClark Brook, Long Trail
Pico Peak9/11/1983jjc,leoLong Trail from north
Killington5/18/1985jjc,lwa,dabFrom west
 9/11/1983jjc,leoLong Trail from north
Mendon Peak5/18/1985jjc,lwa,dabBucklin Tr., bushwhack
Dorset4/21/2006jocDorset Hollow trail
Equinox4/20/2006jocBurr & Burton trail from Manchester
Stratton198?jjc, othersFrom south

New Hampshire

Cannon3/10/1984jjc,dabLonesome Lake, Hi-Cannon
North Kinsman7/7/1985jjc,lwaFishin' Jimmy
South Kinsman7/7/1985jjc,lwa and Kinsman Ridge trails
NE Cannonball8/1999atvbFrom Lonesome Lake Hut
 1991soloVia Lonesome Lake
Moosilaukee8/29/1981rvb,kvbUp Snapper ski trail, down Gorge Bk.
Flume3/21/1986soloFrom Liberty
Liberty3/21/1986soloOvernight near Liberty Spr.
 2/16/1985jjc,lwaVia Liberty Spring
 11/24/1984jjc,djm,lwaVia Liberty Spring
Lincoln1998?jocDown Falling Waters
 4/22/1984jjc, dabUp Falling Waters
Lafayette1998?jocFrom Greenleaf Hut
 4/22/1984jjc, dabDown Old Bridle Path
Owl's Head7/5/1985jjc,lwaFrom Wilderness Road
 7/2/1983jjcFrom Wilderness Road
Garfield11/25/1984jjc,lwaGarfield Trail
Galehead8/20/1993jocGale River trail, overnight in hut
 11/20/1986jjc,lwaGale River
Peak above Nubble
North Twin8/21/1993soloFrom S. Twin
South Twin8/21/1993jocFrom Galehead Hut
West Bond8/21/1993jocditto
 2/25/1985jjcFrom Zealand Hut
Hale6/12/1983jjc,lwa,djm,dabOut via Zealand Hut
North Hancock6/16/1984soloHancock Notch, Hancock Loop
South Hancock6/16/1984solojjc,lwa & others climbed same trip, same day.
Sandwichfall 1985jjc,kvb,lwa,mapAlgonquin Trail
 10/9/1983jjc,dabSandwich Mountain, Drakes Brook
Scaur Ridge5/25/1985jjc,kvb,lwa,dabBushwhack from Little East Pond
Osceola7/31/1983jjc,mar,dbwFrom Tripoli Road
East Osceola7/31/1983jjc,mar,dbwditto
N. Tripyramid9/1/1984kvbIn Pine Bend Brook,
S. Tripyramid9/1/1984kvb out Sabbaday Brook.
Sleeper E. Peak5/25/2002soloBlueberry Ledge, Sleeper trails
Whiteface5/25/2002joc aloneBlueberry Ledge, Rollins, Dicey's Mill
 9/9/1990kvbMcCrillis trail
 3/3/1985jjc,lwa,dabUp Rollins, down Blueberry
 10/1981kvb,wtBlueberry Ledge
Passaconway3/3/1985jjc,lwa,dabUp Dicey's Mill, out Rollins
Tom2/17/1985jjc,lwa,b?bAvalon, A-Z Trails
Field9/4/1983kvbVia Mt. Avalon
Willey10/24/1987soloEthan Pd., Willey Range
Nancy9/30/1984jjc,lwabushwhack from Nancy Pond
Carrigain28-May-07jocSignal Ridge, some ice left below treeline
Vose Spur
Jackson7/27/2001jocFrom Mizpah Hut
 1/20/1985jjcVia Webster-Jackson Trail
 9/22/1984rvbWebster-Jackson loop
Clinton2/9/1991joc, jjcCrawford Path
Pleasant8/26/1997joc, b?rEdmands Path
 1/1988jjcEdmands Path
 12/8/1985jjc,dabEdmands Path, severe conditions
Isolation7/26/2001jocFrom Mizpah
Monroe8/26/1997joc, b?rUp Edmands Path, to Lonesome Lake
Washington8/27/1997joc, b?rFrom Lonesome Lake
Jefferson8/27/1997joc, b?rGulfside Trail
 8/2/1985jjc,lwa,wjrUp Caps Ridge, down Jewell
Adams8/28/1997b?rFrom Madison Hut, down Valley Way
Waumbek2/21/1987jjc,lwaVia Starr King, groomed x-c
 10/14/1984lwaVia Starr King
North Weeks
South Weeks5/12/1985jjcPriscilla Brook, bushwhack
Cabot8/31/1996jocMt. Cabot Trail
*The Bulge8/31/1996jocKilkenny Ridge from Cabot
The Horn8/31/1996jocKilkenny Ridge from Cabot
Wildcat2/19/1986jjcFrom Carter Notch, winter
*Wildcat E2/19/1986jjcditto
*Wildcat D2/19/1986jjcditto
Carter Dome3/12/1988jjc,dabCamped at Zeta Pass
South Carter3/13/1988jjc,dabFrom Zeta Pass
Middle Carter3/13/1988jjc,dabditto
Moriah4/25/1990soloVia Carter-Moriah


Organized West to East
Goose Eye
Mahoosuc Arm
Old Speck10/1990soloGrafton Notch, out over E. Spur
East Baldpate9/27/1987jjc,dab,lwaFrom Grafton Notch via AT
Saddleback12/28/1991soloUp ski trail, snowshoeing
The Horn
East Kennebago8/7/1985soloBushwhack from logging road
Bigelow8/9/1985jjc,dabVia Firewarden's Trail
Bigelow, Avery8/9/1985jjc,dabditto
North Horn8/9/1985jjc,dabFrom Avery Peak
South Horn8/9/1985jjc,dabditto
Snow8/31/1986jjc,djm,lwaSnow Mtn. Trail, AMC trip
White Cap
BM 445/446
Sugarloaf8/8/1985jjc,djm,dabVia AT from Caribou Valley
Crocker8/6/1985jjc,djm,dabVia AT
South Crocker8/6/1985jjc,djm,dabditto
Redington8/6/1985jjc,djm,dabBushwhack from South Crocker
*Middle Abraham
Baxter Peak7/4/1984jjc,kvb,djmHamlin Ridge from Chimney Pond
 9/1988dab,lwa,mlyDown Knife Edge, Helon Taylor
Hamlin Peak7/4/1984jjc,kvb,djmDown Cathedral trail
 9/1988dab,lwa,mlyHamlin Ridge from Roaring Brook
Coe7/1/1984jjc,djmVia Mt. Coe Slide
 9/1988lwa,dab,mly,stevMt. O-J-I also
South Brother7/2/1984jjc,djmVia Marston trail
North Brother7/2/1984jjc,djmditto

Key to initials:

lwa	Larry Allen
jjc	Joe Comuzzi
map	Mike Patton
djm	Dave Mitton
jas	John Shriver
wjr	Bill Rust
leo	Leo Horowitz
dab	Dave Bridgham
mar	Mark Rosenstein
dbw	Doug Weems
j?g	Jim Gettys
mly	Richard Mlynarik
dcf	???
stev	Steve Knowles
kvb	Katrina Van Bokkelen
rvb	Roxanne Van Bokkelen
atvb	Alice Van Bokkelen
joc	Jocelyn O'Connor
b?r	Betsey Reeves

By James B. Van Bokkelen .