Howfirma Trust

The Howfirma Trust is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit trust established in December, 1994. Its statement of purposes is as follows:

The purposes of this Trust include, but are not limited to (i) the preservation, protection, or enhancement of land in its natural, scenic, historical, agricultural, forested or open-space condition or use; (ii) the preservation, protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat and/or wildlife; (iii) education of the public on issues relative to the above mentioned purposes of the Trust; and (iv) the purchase of land and easements or development rights in order to facilitate the above.

As of 2021, the Trust owns eighteen properties and one conservation easement in the towns of South Hampton, Kensington, East Kingston and Newton, all in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA.

Land and Buildings

Two of the Trust's properties were formerly farmsteads; the residences are operated as income-earning rental properties. As space is available, it is advertised in local news media and on the Internet. Current rental information may be requested from the Trustees at the address below.

Several of the Trust's properties include cleared crop or pasture land. In order to maintain the wildlife habitat and views afforded by the cleared land, the Trust has a policy of making it available to local residents for farming and animal husbandry purposes in return for mowing and maintenance of fences and structures. At present, all the Trust's cleared land is subject to agreements of this type, but interested parties may request information from the Trustees at the address below.

Right to Farm in New Hampshire

New Hampshire RSA 432:33-35 give many agricultural operations immunity from lawsuits regarding nuisances. Keep this in mind if you are contemplating purchasing a home in New Hampshire. In particular, if you are moving from a less rural, more regulated jurisdiction, you may wish to discuss your expectations with your lawyer.

Residents living near or adjacent to Howfirma Trust properties should raise concerns regarding activities on the properties by writing the Trustees at the address below.

Tax Returns Available to the Public

The Howfirma Trust is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a Private Operating Foundation. Copies of the Trust's annual tax return, on Form 990 PF, may be obtained by making a request, in writing, to the Trustees at the address below.

Howfirma Trust has no Grant Program

As a Private Operating Foundation, the Howfirma Trust does not have a formal program for soliciting or reviewing applications for grants. Grant requests in accord with the above statement of purposes and related to land or activities in Rockingham County, New Hampshire will be considered in light of available funds and other priorities of the Trust. In general, other applications will not be considered. The decision of the Trustees in these matters is final.

Howfirma Trust
45 Hilldale Ave.
South Hampton, NH 03827