Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with P

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Pannebaeter, Gerard
Pannebaeter, Johannes
Parker, Ebenezer
Parker, Hannah
Parmenter, Ruth
Parmenter, Sarah
Parrish, John
Peck, William
Peck, William H.
Pell, Abagail
Penney, Annie
Penney, Caroline
Penney, Emily Thankful
Penney, Francis Alexander
Penney, Francis Bangs
Penney, Franklin James
Penney, Jacob Knapp
Penney, Julia Catherine
Penney, Mary
Penney, Sarah Elizabeth
Penny, Thankful
Perriman, Rebecca
Personette, Catherine D.
Peters, Onslow B.
Peterson, Catherine
Petit, James W.
Petit, John Henry
Petit, Jonathan
Petit, Margaret E.
Phipps, Sarah
Phipps, Solomon Jr.
Picton, Cyril
Picton, Sheila
Pierce, Bridget
Pierce, Hannah
Pierson, William
Pietersdottir, Anna Panij
Pillers, John
Pillers, Mary
Pineo, Anna
Porter, Mary Elizabeth
Potter, Ephraim
Potter, Mary
Price, Nancy Anne
Pruyn, Annatje
Pruyn, Charles Hansen
Pruyn, David
Pruyn, David
Pruyn, Elizabeth
Pruyn, Esther
Pruyn, Francis
Pruyn, Hester
Pruyn, Margaret
Pruyn, Philip Ryley
Puffer, Myra W.
Pullen, Sarah
Pus, Gerhardus

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